Welcome to my personal page

Here I'll be putting my projects and other things. This page could become a portal to a lot of things.
While I'm native spanish speaker, I'll do my best effort to maintain this page (and the other ones) in english, not because of fashionable but because:
  • I need to practice the language.
  • Pages in english are available to more people around the world, and today the majority of people can read it.

If you are looking for my CV, you can view it on line Here.


Here you can find some personal projects on that I work...


By: leo  on: Tue 06 of Apr., 2010 13:54 ART  (3039 Reads)
StrSync synchronizes subtitles with a movie.

How To...

Last Mac OSX working on non Apple's hardware

By: leo  on: Mon 31 of Jan., 2011 09:08 ART  (11514 Reads)
This simple article explains how to get the last OSX version working on Intel/AMD pc over VirtualBox?